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1-2-1 coaching


Running form, technical running technique and MTB skills 1-2-1 coaching. Full or half days at a mutually convenient location.


We can examine any aspect of your running that you would like to address. Perhaps your technical descending needs some work (this can often be a combination of technique and confidence), maybe you want to go uphill faster (this isn't just the size of your aerobic engine!), or you might want your running form analysed to help you become more efficient or reduce the chance of picking up an injury.


1-2-1 days can be a great way to complement your online coaching with me and build upon the training principles that we are working on. These sessions allow me to assess you in person, and can be a great way to pick up specifics in areas such as running form.


I also offer 1-2-1 sessions with athletes that I am not coaching under a training plan but who would like feedback and analysis on an area of their running.


I can assess any element of your riding and help you improve an area of weakness, or become even more proficient at your strengths. On the MTB, skills can often be an area that lets a rider down; you can have all the power in the world but it won't matter if you struggle on technical descents and climbs. One of the most important parts of mountain biking is the art of carrying free speed; this is something that can be taught, practiced and learnt. I can also help build your technical confidence, so you'll be attacking the rough stuff in no time!

Not everyone's weakness is their technical ability, so we can also look at climbing technique and how to most efficiently and effectively deliver the power on different types of climbs. 

Contact me to discuss further and I will draw on what I learnt and refined during my professional career to help make you a more proficient rider.

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