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Guided mountain runs and hikes in the Scottish Highlands. Full or half days available. 


Guided runs & hikes in the Scottish Highlands. I will safely guide you through the beautiful Scottish mountains and take you to places you might not have the confidence to go on your own or don't want to worry about navigation so can just enjoy the scenery and clean air!


I like to push people out of their comfort zone, we are all more capable than we think we are, but I will never take a client beyond what I believe their limitations are; safety in the mountains is paramount and always comes first. 

As a FATMAP Explore Pro Athlete I create routes and guidebooks for the company which are available on their website or app. Click here to take a look at one of my routes and get a taste of the kind of the mountain adventures I can take you on!

Contact me to discuss further and arrange a guided day in our beautiful hills and mountains!

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